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Where do I stay?

Before I start this topic, please book a hotel or an airbnb, before you land, the minimum you would need is 7 days.

When we were planning our move, one thing that was playing on our mind was where were we going to stay? And I am sure most of you will go through this thought even before you land.

So how do you get a place to stay in Toronto & the GTA. There are going to be a few challenges that will come your way, but I shall share with you a few of my experiences on how can you overcome those challenges.

When you look for a place to stay, please consider the factors that I have mentioned below:

1. Affordability: How much are you willing to pay towards rent? The normal trend here is to pay the first month and the last month's rent in advance. However many landlords do not want to rent their place to someone who doesn't have a job yet or is new to the country. In such cases you may need a guarantor and you might need to pay at least 6 months rent in advance. You need to bear in mind that once you pay the land lord, you will have to pay for property insurance, internet connection and other utility bills. So guys please make sure to calculate/budget for these expenses accordingly.

2. Location: Once you identify an area where you would like to stay, wherever that might be, I would recommend that you find some place that is close to a public transport facility. The rents might be slightly higher in those areas, but you may not drive instantly once you reach here, car rentals are not cheap and WINTER IS COMING!!!

3. Safety: Choose a place/area that is safe, that doesn't have a history of break ins.

4. Broker: Once you have figured out the area, I would suggest that you work with one broker exclusively. This way you will have someone that works full time on your case, and understands your needs better. Lets just say they are motivated to find you the right place to stay in.

5. Viewing: When you go to view the property, please keep a few things in mind:

(a) Please be on time for the viewing.

(b) Find out if the utility cost, like water, electricity, cooling , heating, etc are included in the rent or has to be paid separately by you.

(c) Is there parking, and is it free or paid?

(d) Is there an additional storage space provided, is it free or paid?

(e) What are the amenities provided, for example gym, etc (mainly available in condominiums)?

(f) Find out the policy for the elevator booking for the move in of your furniture and how much money do they need to hold on your card, they do this as an insurance for any damage that you may cause to the elevator during the move in. This is refundable if there are no damages.

If you are a single person, a couple, or friends then the best option is to look out for basements. Lot of people look out to rent their basements, and the rent is not very high, and includes the utility charges too. You will normally have your separate entrance to the basement. And since this is directly with the landlord you can pay them monthly.

I am sharing a list of few links that can be helpful.

Good luck with your home search!!!

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